— 2017 —

Streets Supervisor, Southwark Council, November 2017

“Could you please thank the staff who cleared the leaves from the bottom section of Peckham Rye Park as they also removed all the leaves off the pavements which was a great help.”

Streets Supervisor, Southwark Council
November 2017

Southwark resident, November 2017

“The work done by the gardeners at Leathermarket Gardens, SE1 is fantastic. Another great year for them.”

Southwark Resident
November 2017

S. Wells, Arcadis, October 2017

“Thank you for organising and supporting our volunteer day [in Burgess Park]. The day was a great success with positive feedback from all involved. We were particularly impressed by the structure of the day, the key value adds that we made, the visible outcome of our efforts, and your knowledge. The whole day played particularly well to our company corporate and social responsibility goals of collaboration, sustainability, and improving the quality of life.”

S. Wells, Arcadis
October 2017

Peter, September 2017

“I would like to let you know how happy we are with the compost and mulch deliveries from idverde. I would like to say thank you again, particularly to Paul, George, and his driver mate for the great effort.”

Peter, Beautiful Balin / Tabard Growers gardening Projects
September 2017

L Millam, August 2017

“Thank you on behalf of Hands on London for looking after the volunteers yesterday, and for making it an enjoyable day for all.

As always, we really appreciate the support you and your colleagues at idverde give to Hands on London and all the groups we bring to Burgess Park.

We look forward to working with you again very soon.”

L. Millam, Charities Relationship Manager, Hands on London
August 2017

M. Thompson, June 2017

“Can you thank the team on the grass cutting at the Crematorium and Camberwell New Cemetery.

The team has worked extremely hard over the last couple of weeks, it really has been appreciated by all.

Also the preparation for our annual memorial service has been excellent and the site is looking great for Sunday.

Once again, many thanks to all concerned.”

Camberwell cemetery and Crematorium grass cut

Mark Thompson
June 2017

Ann P, June 2017

“I just wanted to congratulate you and your colleagues who have developed and maintain Peckham Rye Park. It is such a lovely area and beautifully cared for. The number of people who use and enjoy it is a testament to your hard work.

Many thanks to all of you.”

Ann P
June 2017

W. Walpole, May 2017

“Please be aware that Shane and all the idverde team carried out an absolutely fantastic job at the Dulwich Park Fair yesterday. Their hard work and support was essential to making the day a success. Please pass on my thanks.”

W. Walpole, Contract & Service Manager South, Southwark Council
May 2017

Bryan, May 2017

“I just want to say how much I appreciate the quality of work Piotr has completed on both occasions he has been asked to work at Pynners Close.

I want to also thank Damon and his gang for their extremely good work whenever asked to do anything at both Pynners and SSG.”

Bryan, Facilities Manager
May 2017

E White, May 2017

“Many thanks to you and the team for providing our pitches for games on 30th April and 1st May.

Please give credit to all involved in the prep, it was said by the Umpire and the cricketers that the wicket was well prepared.”

E. White, Burgess Cricket Club
May 2017

G. Scott, April 2017

“We are occasional visitors from Cirencester, Gloucestershire to see our son who lives in Peckham.

We walked through Addington Square on Saturday and were delighted by the beautiful planting in the Square’s garden, and the careful choice of colour and plants. Lovely to see so many fritillary crown imperial in both colours. Please pass on our compliments to your team. We look forward to the summer planting there.”

G. Scott
April 2017

V Mitchell, March 2017

“Peckham Park has been giving me, and lots of other people, a great deal of pleasure – as it always does, but particularly in spring when there is a wonderful succession of blossom and flowers. We are so fortunate to have such a well-tended and stocked park; so various too, and offering facilities to families with children, picnickers, dog walkers, runners, footballers, exercise groups, bird watchers, people who just want to sit in the fresh air. There are probably more groups I haven’t thought of.

In these times of very limited funding it is especially wonderful that we have this well-kept park. Well done to all who plan and who carry out with the plans.”

V. Mitchell
March 2017

Wesley and Coningsby School, March 2017

“Thank you and Jason and Carlos for the excellent [BMX] session provided today.

The students, staff absolutely loved it, the facilities were superb and I will most certainly contact you some time in the future.”

Wesley and Coningsby School
March 2017

Will, March 2017

“I just wanted to say another big thank you for the excellent [BMX] session led by Carlos! Can’t wait to come again.”

March 2017

Claire, March 2017

“[Peckham Rye Park is] such a beautiful place, and I’m so grateful for all the work and care that goes into keeping it so lovely, and I know I’m not the only one.

It has lifted my spirits so many times to come and notice things coming into bloom, and to spot all the birds that clearly appreciate the habitats you maintain.

Thanks again to the whole park team.”

March 2017

S. Lomas, March 2017

“Many thanks for all your help with the urgent work required last week at both Camberwell Old Cemetery and Camberwell New Cemetery. You and your team did an excellent job and we are very happy with the result. Your willingness to help is really appreciated.

Once again many thanks for helping out at very short notice.”

S. Lomas, Park Service Development Officer, Southwark Council
March 2017

Mrs Mason, March 2017

“I just want to say a big thank you for getting all the trees and bushes cut down at the front of Park Lodge in Hawkstone Road, and also to Lynne, but most of all to Sam and Casper, who worked really hard cutting all that down. It’s the best I have seen it, especially the garage area.”

Mrs Mason
March 2017

F. Dean, March 2017

“I asked for your email address so I could pass on some thanks and congratulations on your work at Burgess Park following an email that I received last week:

“I really wanted to express my appreciation towards a worker at Burgess Park who works tirelessly to ensure Saturdays at Burgess Park works so smoothly.

“We have been using the astro-turf facilities at Burgess Park weekly on a Saturday for over a year now and Ricardo engages really well with all the children, young people and adults at Burgess Park, he ensures we are all looked after well, always has a welcoming friendly smile and works hard to ensure that all requests are met in a timely manner as well as managing quite a number of groups who use the facilities on a weekend. Ricardo handles all situations well and is a real asset to the service.”

It’s always good to hear about people who are clearly going that extra mile and really working hard. I would like to add my thanks and say well done to you and Quadron idverde for doing such a great job.

Many thanks and well done!”

F. Dean, Director of Leisure, Southwark Council
March 2017

J. Camlett, January 2017

“It was Damon’s [Southwark Supervisor] idea to also create a children’s play area whilst the original play area is re-establishing.

Hopefully it is appreciated and residents are seeing the improvement throughout from the hard work Quadron [now trading as idverde] has put in since taking over the contract.”

J. Camlett
January 2017

M. Cooper, January 2017

“It’s taken me too long to get this email to you to thank Quadron [now trading as idverde] for the careful and clever way that they have re-shaped the “copse” area at Peckarmans Wood.

What a positive difference Quadron [idverde] has made to what was a neglected and ugly part of the estate.

I can only imagine that it can’t have been easy to have tackled those huge overgrown laurels and all of the horticultural “rubbish” that had been allowed to get out of hand in this area. It really looks so good now, and yet is still an exciting-looking area for the children to play in safely. …

The work that Quadron [idverde] is doing on our estate shows that by working on a shared plan and a long-term vision great things can be achieved.”

M. Cooper
January 2017

J. Beaumont, January 2017

“I want to say that parks do an amazing job throughout the year. This morning the guys were out in the cold and snow doing the flowerbeds and tidying everything up. Please let them know we are very grateful for the work they put in.”

J. Beaumont
January 2017

M Cooper, January 2017

“Just wanted to say how smart the entrance to Peckham Wood is looking with the new planting.

What a huge difference this makes and I’m sure that this will also be a deterrent to anybody thinking of fly-tipping  in this area in future – it looks loved again!

Thanks for your ongoing hard work and commitment to our environment.”

M. Cooper
January 2017

J Hill, January 2017

“Yesterday, Christmas Day, was my first visit to this wonderful park [Peckham Rye]. To find that the gates were open on a day when everything else was shut was the first pleasant surprise. To discover such a beautiful and well maintained community resource was another. And it was full of people walking about enjoying it as much as I was.

I wanted to send an email to the Southwark Parks team to commend them for supporting and managing such a special place.”

J. Hill
January 2017

-- 2016 --

Raj, Tamal Titans, November 2016

“I recently had a meeting with my team members and they really enjoyed playing cricket at Burgess Park. I would like to convey my thanks to you and your team members for the wonderful service you guys did throughout this season. Not only my team members appreciate the pitch, all the away teams were really pleased with the pitch as well.”

Raj, Tamal Titans cricket team
November 2016

Pat, Friends of Southwark Park, September 2016

“I did a walk round Kingstairs Gardens yesterday and the nice weather brought lots of people out. The little park was looking lovely and a credit. Well done the team.”

Pat, Friends of Southwark Park
September 2016

Svetlana Bountakidou, Bosse & Baum, August 2016

“Thank you so much again for working with us to donate the plants from the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show to our project Plantón Móvil. The plants which were donated by the various show gardens have been planted in planters in Copeland Park, Peckham SE15 for the community to enjoy.”

Svetlana Bountakidou, Bosse & Baum
August 2016

H. Briggs, Southwark, July 2016

“As a new resident of the Borough, but a long-term visitor, I would really like to note that your maintenance and enhancement of green spaces of late has not gone unnoticed.

Pasley Park and Burgess Park really do seem to be looking very lovely of late. I realise that this is also attributed to the season, but as a resident I really do think that the maintenance has stepped up a notch. Please do keep doing what you are doing and giving us all lovely public spaces we can all enjoy.

Keep up the good work because it really is appreciated.”

H. Briggs
July 2016

M. Hammerton, July 2016

“Beautiful cycle past the gardens in Burgess Park, South London on my way to work this morning, with swathes of Echinacea and other flowers as far as I could see. Stunning. Bravo to the gardeners involved.”

M. Hammerton
July 2016

Lana Bountakidou, Bosse & Baum, July 2016

“Thank you so much for organising the donation and delivery of plants to Peckham today – we are delighted with them all, and the event and community garden would not have been possible without your help.”

Lana Bountakidou, Bosse & Baum
July 2016

Dennis, July 2016

“A very big thank you to you and your team for all your help with the preparation for the tennis day at Bermondsey Carnival.

Your help was invaluable, without it it would have been very difficult and stressful to coordinate the equipment. The part Quadron idverde played was very important for the success of the event, and it was very successful and enjoyed by a lot of the local community.

I will be mentioning your support at the next Friends of Southwark Park meeting.”

Dennis, Tennis Coach
July 2016

D Grant, June 2016

“Thank you very much for sorting out getting the tree branch cut so we can reopen the footpath.

Please can I say that Adam and his colleagues are doing a fantastic job with the Church Yard garden and they are all very lovely.”

D. Grant, InSpire at St Peter's Church
June 2016

B. Brocklehurst, May 2016

“Dealing with you over the last however many years has been great and an absolute breath of fresh air.”

B. Brocklehurst
May 2016