The table below provides details on the grounds maintenance tasks idverde carries out on housing estates in Hammersmith and Fulham

GrassCutting17 cuts a year
(every three weeks)1
Litter pickingEvery time before grass cutting
HedgesCuttingTwice a year
(generally May and October)2
(species dependent)
12 times per year (generally once a month) where necessary
Litter picking12 times per year (generally once a month) where necessary
Fork, rake and levelOnce a year where required
RosesPruningTwice a year where necessary
Remove sucker growth, and dead and diseased wood6 times a year (May to October) where necessary
Firm back after WinterOnce a year
Leaf clearingRemove Autumn leaf fall from grass, shrub beds and rose beds5 times a year (October to December) where necessary
Weed treatmentTreatment of hard surfaces, shrub beds and rose beds using non-chemical treatmentA minimum of four times a year3
Hard surfacesSweepingThis operation is carried out by Pinnacle

(1) – There may be times in the year when cutting the grass will be detrimental (wet conditions, dry spells) and therefore this operation may not be undertaken/required

(2) – If nesting birds are present, then hedge cutting may be deferred until such point as it can be legally carried out without causing disturbance

(3) The non-chemical weed treatment now carried out in parks, cemeteries and housing estates is Foamstream; this is a combination of hot water/steam with a non-chemical/non-toxic foam additive