We want our teams to become familiar faces to SBHA’s tenants.

Below are photographs of the teams for each SBHA area, so feel free to say hello or ask them any questions as they go about their duties.

Horticultural Team

Roddy Donlon - SBHA Hort Team

Roddy Donlon

Brian Taylor- SBHA Hort Team

Brian Taylor

Galashiels Team

Mick Laidlaw- SBHA Galashiels team

Mick Laidlaw

Ben Mitchel - SBHA Galashiels team

Ben Mitchel

Keith Pearson - SBHA Galashiels Team

Keith Pearson

Hawick Team

Ian Gardiner - Hawick Team

Ian Gardiner

Kenneth McCaughy- SBHA Hawick team

Kenneth McCaughy

Derek McLeod- SBHA Hawick Team

Derek McLeod

Douglas Wharton- SBHA Hawick team

Douglas Wharton

Rural Sites Team

Paul McArdle- SBHA Rural Sites team

Paul McArdle

Alan Paterson- SBHA Rural Sites

Alan Paterson