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Sighthill Link Landscaping and Public Realm Works

Scottish Canals
Scottish Canals | 2021 | Glasgow

Historical Significance

This site in Sighthill had historically been used for the transportation of goods, with a railway line, coal and coke yard, builder’s yard, paint and colour works, and storage for oil and grease.

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The Project

The project at Sighthill for Scottish Canals was to create an accessible, safe and attractive traffic-free route along the edge of the Pinkston Canal Basin, which will be a key link between forthcoming regeneration projects, we gave the client what they had envisioned through seeing the architect drawing. The project scope changed slightly as the project progressed and construction of the new areas uncovered further areas of historical value.


Our Role

Construction of a new asphalt path alongside the canal wall was carried out, the path was laid over existing concrete path at some sections and existing cobble stones at other sections the path was also widened. The asphalt was used to preserve the cobbles, the concrete areas were old loading bays. The existing sub-base and existing cobbles were retained, with any loose cobbles reset.

All vegetation was removed, again to preserve the historical value, to encase the cobbles and protect. The footpath was built up with 15mm to 100mm regulating asphalt screed over the cobbles/existing concrete, with 6mm aggregate and 30mm HRA wearing course and a Tensar ARG geogrid bonded with bitumen emulsion tack coat.

Trenching excavation was carried out to identify the presence of an historic well, through extensive ground penetrating radar survey and slip trench excavations it was discovered that the well was no longer present, Fencing was carried out using a prefabricated system. Tobermore fusion edging kerb was used to build up the verges to finished the path surface. There was the construction of a new path to and through the “mini park”.

A complete regeneration of the area around the boat, which was previously a canal boat used to transport goods, works like asphalt paving was carried out, soft landscaping around existing tree, installation of tree grill, dwarf wall to feature the soft landscaping from the footpath, permeable paving, cube seating and a cycle stand.


One of the challenges was working in an area adjacent to the canal with historical Victorian relics of engineering covered in years of overgrowth.

During this project contaminated excavated material that required removal was taken away by specialist licenced waste carrier, 100 tons in total was removed from the site. All ground showed signs of contamination, area around the boat bioremediation was carried out, with geogrid layer under 200mm of imported screened topsoil to ensure members of the public did not come into contact with the historical contaminates from the area, independent specialist used for the Verification report which was carried out to ensure correct levels of bioremediation were completed.

The site was closed during works, there was several visitors included local historians investigating the history of how the canal boat got to where it was sited, they were allowed access and were escorted during visits.

The Results

The client was very happy with the way the project at Sighthill was delivered and the quality of the work.