Pond Restoration at Scadbury Park

The London Borough of Bromley
The London Borough of Bromley | 2015 - 2033 | Bromley

Lost pond recovered at Bromley's Scadbury Park

Pond restoration work will benefit wetland species including the protected great crested newt

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The project

Scadbury Park Nature Reserve lies on the eastern edge of Chislehurst in Bromley. idverde manages Scadbury Park on behalf of Bromley Council as part of our long-running parks and green spaces management contract with the Council.

Scadbury Park has 13 listed ponds, but over time some of these have silted up and become lost to scrub and vegetation. Due to the site’s good records of amphibians, particularly the protected great crested newt, increasing and restoring ponds and wetlands is a key management aim.

Prior to ceasing volunteer activities due to Covid, the Friends of Scadbury Park helped to clear away large areas of scrub and small trees around the lost pond, allowing more sunlight into the area and improving access for plant.

Contractors Aqua Maintain then excavated the lost pond to a depth of one metre and created a leaky dam to allow seasonal changes in water levels.

More trees are scheduled to be removed to increase sunlight and the site will be monitored as vegetation begins to repopulate the area and will ultimately be surveyed for the presence of amphibians.

The area is already proving to be a popular visiting spot for the public since it was opened out. A small dead hedge will eventually be installed to limit people and dogs entering the water, which can be detrimental for amphibians.

The pond restoration, along with the restoration of other ponds and wetland habitat in the park, will have benefits for the protected great crested newt, and many other species which rely on water and wetland habitats.

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