Once again idverde’s Contract Manager, Tony Jones, Midlands Horticultural Development Manager, Nicola Clarke, and The Friends of Queen’s Park welcomed Brown Owl, Helen Cliffe, and the 6th Loughborough Brownies back to Queen’s Park.

The Brownies come to work in Queen’s Park on an annual basis as part of the Girl Guiding programme designed to ‘help in the community’. This year their tasks included stripping the spring bedding from one of the museum beds followed by making bug hotels.

As usual, the girls got stuck into the first task with great enthusiasm and had great fun pulling up all the plants, and with the help of The Friends of Queen’s Park had cleared the bed completely in no time.

Once the bed had been completely cleared and tidied up, the Brownies then went on the hunt around the park for twigs and small sticks to build their bug hotels with. These sticks were wedged tightly into plastic tubes which had been drinking water bottles. Thus, recycling the bottles into new habitats for small insects and invertebrates.

The Brownies had a great evening in Queen’s Park and did an excellent job helping their community. Both idverde and the Friends of Queen’s Park look forward to working with them again next year.