idverde grounds maintenance work at Glasgow Airport



Client: Glasgow Airport

Value:  £330k

Dates: July 2017 – Sept 2017

Our Role: Principal Contractor 

As one of the airport’s capital works framework contractors, our team has carried out a number of small to medium civil engineering and car park projects.

Long stay car park
Constructed within 3 months during 2017, works involved:

  • Site clearance and creation of a bund to the north end of site for surplus material storage for re-use
  • 5,000m3 of bulk excavation
  • Installation of drainage, lighting and new security fencing
  • Installation of a new base course and compacted sub-based layers to form the car park
  • Completion of car park hard core surface

Glasgow Airport Minor Civils Works

  • Structural Concrete Foundations for signage at main entrance at Glasgow Airport
  • Principal contractor to plan and co-ordinate reinforced concrete base, electrical installation and structural steelwork and boarding for new signage
  • Programmed for 4 weeks, carried out within 3 weeks

Pick Up Drop Off Area (PUDO) additional works following construction of new facility

  • Additional bollards and pedestrian access routes formed to help move foot traffic efficiently and safely around the link roads and parking areas within the airport.
  • Installation of new pedestrian barrier at the side of a live carriageway. 6 week programme