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The Project

The Landscape Group have been employed to undertake multiple phases of work to refurbish existing courtyards within Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester. With the site being a live hospital, access restrictions and the safety of patients, staff and the general public were of paramount consideration.

Works to the PR2 & PR3 courtyards were undertaken in late 2013. These works involved removing existing landscaping surfaces and features, the installation of timber retaining wall, installation of feature lighting, installation of timber structures, installation of feature seating areas and sympathetic soft landscaping scheme.

The above courtyards were bound on one side by a dementia ward within the hospital; and as all materials had to be traffic through the hospital to gain access to the courtyard. All movement of materials had to be coordinated as such as not to disturb any of the in-patients on the surrounding wards. Works were undertaken at hours to suit the wards and outside peak visiting periods to prevent as mush disruption as possible to the hospital in general.

The second phase of the works; to the courtyard immediately outside the paediatric ward; was undertaken in Summer 2014. These works were predominately funded through fundraising by local charities and a local radio station. However the funding for this project fell short of the total required, and therefore The Landscape Group utilised its excellent relationship with its supply chain to reduce costs where possible to achieve the required overall scheme.

The works to this courtyard entailed removal of existing concrete surfacing, extensive earthwork remodelling, installation of gabion walls and a new drainage system, furtureproofing the lighting scheme including providing a power supply; installation of a log wall structure, cladding to existing walls, resign bound surfacing and a sympathetic soft landscaping scheme.

All materials had to be transported by crane, so a detailed lifting schedule was produced in line with our construction programme and delivery schedule; all of which had to take into account the surrounding wards and their restrictions at any given time. One neighbouring ward was a neuropathetic ward in which sleep monitoring was taking place, therefore close liaison with this ward in particular was required to manage noise omitting operations were carried out at mutually agreeable times to minimise disruption.

Marcus B. Ashurst, Building Projects Manager for University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust said “…I am more than happy to recommend The Landscape Group who have undertaken some extremely difficult projects at Wythenshawe Hospital. Most recently the team have undertaken a particularly challenging scheme to create a paediatric courtyard garden enclosed with buildings on all sides requiring military precision and timing to crane out the excavated land and bring in the new materials… Working within a clinical environment creating beautiful gardens is no mean feat…The end product is one carried out with conviction and provides great delight, delivered on time and to budget by a very respectful and courteous team”.