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Continuing our series on idverde’s apprentices, past and present, we chat to Oskar Dabski who joined us as a Digital Marketing Apprentice studying towards a Level 3 qualification in December 2020.

Oskar Dabski based at idverde’s UK Support Centre, Coventry

Oskar Dabski

idverde is full of welcoming and supporting members – a lovely, friendly environment”

Why did you decide to do this Apprenticeship? 

As a BA Graphic Design graduate I wanted to take the next step into the industry I feel most passionate about. I always found marketing my strongest area, however, I was lacking the analytical experience that was necessary to be successful in the role.

Tell us about a recent day at work

I am greatly supported by the members of my team that help me with day-to-day tasks. I am able to explore a variety of marketing sectors, from customer emails to social media posts.

What’s an interesting fact you’ve learned during your Apprenticeship so far?

Digital marketing involves more creative thinking than I thought.

What are the best things about being an Apprentice?

The best thing is that I am able to work and learn at the same time. I can easily see how my learning is adapting the jobs that I perform day to day.

Why would you recommend people take up an Apprenticeship with idverde? 

idverde is full of welcoming and supportive members, a lovely and friendly environment, pushing you forward in your skills and supporting your weaknesses and helping you evolve.

What advice would you give to anyone considering doing an Apprenticeship?

Do not be put off by the title. Apprenticeships are the best way to work on new skills and study while in the role.

Where would you like to be in five years?

I would like to continue working for idverde in a full-time position so that I can use the skills and knowledge I have acquired.

Thanks for sharing your experiences with us, Oskar.

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