National Apprenticeship Week 2013

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It’s National Apprenticeship Week 2013 and the whole country is talking about Apprenticeships and what they can offer to the next generation of Britain’s workforce.   With so much media attention surrounding the increasing costs for University students and in many cases the struggle for employment following graduation, the vocational qualification route is becoming an increasingly attractive choice for a very good reason.

Apprenticeships are a great way to learn ‘on the job’ skills with the support and guidance of experienced colleagues.  Everyone has different learning styles and for some people the best way to learn is by ‘doing’ and that’s where an Apprenticeship comes in.  Apprenticeships enable you to work towards recognised qualifications and progress your career whilst also earning a wage!

The green services industry has long been discussing the challenges of an ageing workforce and a lack of new people showing interest in joining the industry.  This needs to change!  Green careers such as landscaping, gardening and amenity horticulture are skilled ones that require experience and expertise to do a good job.  As well as being a skilled career, it means you have a job filled with variety and time outdoors, as opposed to being in an office environment most of the time. In fact, research by City & Guilds in 2012 reported that florists and horticulturalists were the happiest workforce with 90% of workers happy in their job! Read more on this study hereshutterstock_19080466

Here at The Landscape Group we believe in applying the ‘grow your own’ theory to staff development and as an answer to the question of ‘how do we get more people to join our industry’.  We aim to ‘grow our own’ by finding promising young people who have lots of potential but need more experience and then providing them with training opportunities to develop the skills they need to do well.

As part of this approach we have developed an Apprenticeship programme for young people, offering a great opportunity to start out on a rewarding career in the industry by combining learning with working.

Watch your career blossom!

Our apprentices start a structured training programme that can help them to work towards their career ambitions, whatever they may be. They learn practical, operational skills and can later choose to specialise in a particular area of the job that they enjoy – this might be sports turf management, arboriculture or horticulture amongst others.

There are many managers at The Landscape Group who started out working ‘on the tools’ and have since gone on to gain the expertise to manage their own contracts – we even have a number senior managers who have worked their way right up to the top.  The Apprenticeship programme can help our apprentices to gain the professional skills needed to work towards this goal if this is something that they are aiming for.

Contrary to many peoples’ preconceptions about vocational programmes such as Apprenticeships, it really can be the first step towards a long and successful career culminating in senior management for those showing the right attitude.

How do I apply?

To find out more about Apprenticeships with The Landscape Group, contact us today for more information or to apply for a placement please email your CV clearing stating which location you are applying for to .

We currently have placements available in:

  • Fenland
  • South Staffs (Arboriculture/Tree Specialised)
  • Lee Valley
  • Babergh
  • Warwick
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