Introduction to idverde UK!

idverde UK is a leading green service provider, and part of the European family of idverde companies, operating in France, the Netherlands and the UK.

We provide a range of landscaping & grounds maintenance services across the whole of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

In a nutshell, we offer ‘outdoor facilities management’ – if it’s outdoors, we can look after it for you. idverde creates and maintains landscapes all over the UK. Those landscapes could be a public park, the grounds of a corporate headquarters, a parish green, highway verges, trees and woodland, nature reserves, hard landscaping in town and city centres, retail parks, canal and river banks, airports and even an oil refinery.

We cut grass, tend beds and borders, collect litter and sweep the streets.  We build and maintain playing fields, and we are the UK’s sole supplier of hybrid Mixto pitches.  We deliver large civil engineering landscapes for oil and gas producers, for airports and for highways.  We build and restore heritage parks.  We regenerate town and city landscapes in the public realm, including masonry, lighting and the installation of public artworks.

We’ll keep your hard surfaces and outdoor infrastructure safe and clean, too. We do surveys, draw up PPM plans, and prioritise works, carry out repairs and improvements, and when winter approaches, we keep an eye on the temperatures and offer a full winter service, gritting and snow clearing as needed.

If your trees need professional management, we carry out surveys to create a cost-effective tree management plan that keeps your trees safe, and maximises their biodiversity and landscape value.

We’re a very ecologically-aware organisation, as you’d expect from a company that focuses on the outdoors. Our staff are trained in biodiversity awareness, we provide ecological monitoring for our customers and we write biodiversity action plans. We have a successful business partnership with the RSPB, seconding their staff into our business to ensure we stay up to date with best practice in conservation management.

Some landscapes are potentially hazardous, such as maintaining verges on high-speed roads. We provide our own traffic management on highway schemes and offer this service, and associated training, to many other service providers, including Highways England.

We offer a fully managed service for land-owners, creating management plans and green space strategies, engaging with communities and ensuring your green assets, even those such as Sites of Special Scientific Interest or Heritage Lottery sites, are compliant with all relevant legislation and funding requirements.

What makes us different?

SELF DELIVERY: For a start, all our colleagues are directly employed by idverde.  We don’t rely on a chain of subcontractors or franchisees. That means we are directly responsible for the quality of work we deliver and for the highest standards of health and safety. For sure, some highly specialist services will be delivered through partners where it makes sense to do so, but this is only a very small proportion of our service.

LONGEVITY: We’ve been caring for the outdoors for a long time. Whilst the name idverde might be relatively new, our company dates back one hundred years to 1919 when we were first set up to manage English woodlands between the two world wars.  If you’re interested, visit our history page.

COMMUNITY: Another distinctive feature of the idverde service is our focus on our communities. There’s no doubt that stakeholders take a very keen interest in what their green spaces and streets look like, regardless of whether these are owned by the public sector or by the private sector. Our service has tremendous opportunities to involve communities, both in the design and management of their open spaces.  We encourage residents and businesses to volunteer, teach children about nature and organise community events.

RESPONSIBILITY: We take corporate social responsibility very seriously. We are a responsible employer, and a responsible member of the community too.  We help unemployed citizens get back to work, offer training and work experience to local residents, and support ex-offenders with a second chance.

The proof?

Our projects and contracts speak for themselves.  We have won 124 BALI awards to date, and we know what an award-winning service should look like. BALI is the British Association of Landscape Industries, and a BALI award represents the highest standards in landscaping.

Take a look at our case studies. You’ll see that in London, we look after the Regents Park, Holland Park with its famous Kyoto Gardens and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.  We’ve delivered prestigious landscape construction projects for Gloucester Cathedral, the National Theatre, Media City in Salford and Manchester United Football Club.  We are long established service providers to technically challenging clients such as airports, oil refineries and hospitals.

Over 100 public sector organisations trust us to care for their landscapes, and we have a large portfolio of private sector clients, from blue-chip corporations to smaller local businesses.  If you would like idverde to look after your outdoors, then please get in touch through our contact page and we’ll be delighted to discuss your needs.