idverde UK supports Calderstones School Students during their Engagement Day

idverde UK supported the ‘Caldies Eco’ group with the establishment of a large wildflower meadow in the schools ‘green corner’ alongside a number of other biodiversity enhancements including a large bug hotel, log hibernaculum, bee wall and bird feeding system.

idverde UK staff Karl Horne (grounds maintenance operative) prepared the green corner prior to the student activity day. Based on site fulltime, Karl has taken much care in looking after the schools grounds. He has also invested his own time into the schools green corner and has built an excellent relationship with the school staff who recently sent him on a bee keeping course so he can assist the school with maintaining their two bee hives.

The workshops were delivered by Dominic Knower with Karl’s assistance. Dominic used his ecological experience to prepare and deliver a variety of educational workshops on the day to three classes of students.

The largest activity of the day was the sowing of a wildflower meadow. Students were spoken to about the technicalities of creating such a feature, including the soil preparation, the choice of seed mix and how to measure and apply the correct amount of seed. They were then asked to carry out the task applying their newly gained knowledge on the subject.

Students also helped to create a large pallet bug hotel with a green roof. Students learned about the diversity and important of invertebrates in ecosystems and how these animals can be supported by creating artificial habitats with common waste materials.

A large bee-wall was installed prior the activity day by Dominic, Karl and Ben. Students were invited to drill holes into the structure to create nesting habitat for bee and wasp species. It is hoped that as the wildflower meadow flowers and begins to mature, the diversity of bees and wasps will increase and the bee hotel will hopefully become a valuable nesting resource for these important pollinators.

Other activities included the creation of a large log pile aimed at providing habitat for deadwood invertebrate species and hibernating animals. A tree top bird feeding system was also created by Karl to encourage wild birds to visit the green corner.

The day was a huge success with all students participating.

Dominic Knower (Management Trainee)

“It was an absolute pleasure to be able to deliver such a high quality of community engagement to the pupils of Calderstones Secondary School as well as creating the biodiversity enhancements to the site. The most satisfying part of the day was seeing those students who resist at first end up with muddy hands and shoes getting stuck in and asking questions. It never ceases to amaze me how outdoor learning engages the most difficult of students.

“We also know from recent public reports that young people have never been so disconnected from the natural world and it must be a priority to engage them in any way possible. We want the industry to know that we are thinking about the future and that idverde UK can provide its clients with more than green services. We can initiate quality educational workshops that inspire the next generation at the same time as providing quality grounds maintenance and landscaping services”