idverde helps volunteers find the path to success

idverde’s Wiltshire team was pleased to be able to support a team of enthusiastic park volunteers to replace damaged pathways in Melksham’s Brunswick Park.

The works were made possible when the Chair of the Friends of Brunswick Park, Tracy Haslam, was awarded £4,000 after applying for funding through the ‘Your Pint Can’ scheme run by Carling and Wetherspoon.

idverde was pleased to help the project by purchasing the materials for the path, including 40 tons of base course stone and 50 tons of Coxwell self-binding gravel for the paths’ top course. With the materials bought, Tracy and the Friends then appealed to the local community for volunteers to help carry out the path repairs. idverde was delighted to work alongside the volunteers from the community and help with the digging and consolidation of the new path. Works started on August Bank Holiday weekend and were completed in early October.

Tracy Haslam, Chair of the Friends of Brunswick Park, said: “Thank you to all the residents and volunteers from the surrounding area who have turned out during thick and thin, rain and shine, helped mid-week and at the weekends. It’s been absolutely amazing, I’ve been overwhelmed by the support.

“Thank you also to Wiltshire Council and their contractor, idverde, and to Cllr Jon Hubbard for his support throughout the project.”

Andy Smith, General Manager at idverde, added: “It is a pleasure to work with a group who demonstrate such passion in restoring their local park, and we thoroughly enjoyed working with the Friends of Brunswick Park on this project.”

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