Over 1,000 New Roses for Hastings Garden of Remembrance

Hastings Cemetery received over 1,000 new roses in November as part of a scheme to replant and enhance the Garden of Remembrance.  The Landscape Group’s team in the cemetery took delivery of the roses, heeled them in and commenced the replanting in time for next season’s bloom.

Murray Davidson, Environment and Natural Resources Manager for Hastings Borough Council said of the scheme:

“A place of rest and remembrance, the garden has traditionally been planted with standard and bush roses.  They have been in place for many years and were in need of replacement.  Once this renovation of the Garden of Remembrance is complete, everyone is looking forward to a spectacular show of roses for years to come.”

Paul Norton, General  Manager for The Landscape Group in Hastings commented:

“We are honoured to be carrying out these works to such a meaningful site for the community of Hastings.  With so many new specimens going into the garden we are looking forward to the many wonderful displays they will bring in the future.”


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Over 1,000 New Roses for Hastings Garden of Remembrance. READ MORE

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