idverde provides a range of services at Longhurst Group’s housing schemes, including:

  • Grass cutting
  • Maintenance and cleaning of hard landscape, paths, patios, external bin areas, car parking areas
  • Maintenance and relevant horticultural tasks to planted areas, shrub beds, and hedging
  • Leaf clearance
  • Annual condition survey of contract areas

During procurement of the grounds maintenance contract, Longhurst Group outlined its vision for the new grounds maintenance service, which included delivering a strong partnering relationship based on mutual trust and commitment, high levels of service quality, and enhance customer services with a commitment to continuous improvement. idverde is delighted to be able to work in true partnership with Longhurst Group to achieve the best possible service levels for its residents.

idverde has introduced PDAs for staff to electronically confirm they have visited a site and performed the specified work, facilitating real-time reporting. Annual surveys will be carried out to develop recommendations for long-term changes to the maintenance regime, with residents being consulted for their feedback.

Environmental initiatives include introducing electric small plants such as blowers, strimmers and hedge trimmers where practical to reduce emissions and noise pollution, and employing alternative weed control methods such as hot foam and water treatments.

In order to aid local sustainability, aims to recruit staff who live locally on Longhurst’s Group’s housing schemes as far as possible, and will also offer apprenticeships and work placement opportunities.