idverde provides a range of grounds maintenance services to Clarion Housing properties.

The contract includes grass cutting, hedge cutting, shrub bed maintenance and weed control treatments throughout the year.

Grass cutting

Mowing will be undertaken between mid-March and October each year.

We collect any litter before cutting the grass and clippings are left evenly distributed. Any arisings that fall on hard surfaces will be blown or swept back onto the lawn.

Weed control and hard surfaces

Hard surfaces will be treated throughout the year to control weeds and moss.

We collect leaf build-up on hard and soft landscape features during the winter months and litter will be collected during each grounds maintenance visit.

Shrubs and hedges

Borders and planted areas will be weeded using a combination chemical or cultural methods throughout the year.

Hedges and shrubs will typically be pruned twice a year, once in summer and once in winter, avoiding nesting birds and other protected wildlife. Wherever possible, flower and fruit-bearing shrubs will not be pruned unless they cause an access or sightline issue, where a containment prune will be carried out.

Other tasks carried out by our teams

We’ll be visiting a small number of ditches and waterways throughout the year to clear outlets and debris.

We will strim wildlife margins and ditch banks once a year in winter.

You can see when we last visited and are next due in your area below. Please note dates are provided on a week commencing basis.

Please note: 

The weather can have a significant effect on the schedules. For example, if it has been very wet or dry then it may be necessary to postpone scheduled activities such as grass cutting to avoid damage to the ground. If this occurs, notification is made to the relevant person and the grounds team will carry on as normal as soon as the weather allows.