— 2017 —

J. Hollingworth, July 2017

“Thank you all so much for helping us present our village in the best possible light for our judges’ tour yesterday. The village looked lovely and we are very grateful for your support in grass cutting.

Thank you, Ciaran for giving us your time and giving the judges a brief summary of the management of Springfield Lake. The area looks lovely and the sunny openings have greatly improved the area for wildflowers, insects and butterflies. When we popped by on the work day the ringlet butterflies looked lovely on the meadow pea. An emperor dragonfly was also hunting over the water’s edge.

The area is a real asset to our village and it’s lovely to see it being well looked after.”

J. Hollingworth
July 2017

A. Rush April 2017

“I am writing on behalf of the Loughborough in Bloom Board to express our gratitude and appreciation for the professionalism, dedication and enthusiasm shown in your work for the town and its residents.

Your work in Loughborough really enhances the area and has resulted in many awards and accolades. Positive feedback is regularly received from judges, visitors and residents of the Borough and you have made a massive contribution towards this.

The Board wanted to thank you personally for your efforts over recent years, and looks forward to achieving future successes with your help.”

A. Rush, Chair - Loughborough in Bloom
April 2017

M Smith, April 2017

“So many people had mentioned the lovely Queen’s Park this year that I had a long walk all round this morning rather than my usual gallop through!

Absolutely stunning for April – so I think a big thanks to whoever chose the colour schemes, thanks to the main man (idverde) who does most of the work, plus his volunteers.

Perhaps all board members should have a look round now. Lots of people were in the park talking about how lovely it is. The perennial planting is super as well, and the Acers near the museum are really coming on. All previous poorer areas now seem to be well planted. The wallflowers and tulip colours near the pond – amazing.”

M. Smith, Vice Chair of the Loughborugh in Bloom Community Participation Group
April 2017

Carol and Raymond

“What magnificent, colourful flowerbeds you have designed and planted in the Queen’s Park.

Not being able to get into town for the past two weeks, it was a lovely surprise to see how the beds have evolved to give so much colour, and we weren’t the only ones to think this.

A big thank you for making the park look so lovely.”

Carol & Raymond
March 2017

J. Lee, March 2017

“I just wanted to pass on some positive feedback from the Outwoods Committee meeting that I attended last night. A number of members commented how good the Outwoods are looking, and how much improvement there has been in the last year. They wanted me to make sure this was passed on.

Both Matt and myself also thought the woods were looking great when we had the walkround earlier.

Good stuff and thanks.”

J. Lee, Senior Green Spaces Officer, Charnwood Borough Council
March 2017

-- 2016 --

Carol and Ray, December 2016

“A big thank you for all your planning, planting and hard work to make Queen’s Park look so magnificent this year.

We are glad that all your hard work was rewarded with all the Awards gained this year.”

Carol & Ray
December 2016

Cllr H Fryer, September 2016

“Many many congratulations to all of you and your teams for such excellent results.   The hard work and dedication you have all put into Loughborough in Bloom has paid off.

Thank you all very much indeed.”

Cllr Hilary Fryer, Charnwood Borough Council
September 2016

J Hollingworth, August 2016

“I recently walked around Queen’s Park and I was so impressed I thought I would email to congratulate all involved.

I particularly like the planting in the bedding circles around the Band Stand, the choice of plants works really well. The cleome, verbena bonariensis and grasses look lovely and are growing really well. The red bedding with the trailing golden lysimachia looks good on the band stand. I like the way the perennials are mixed with the bedding plants in the beds near the John Storer House entrance. The well-chosen selection of newly planted perennials near the stream looked good also and the living wall looks very striking from across the park.”

J. Hollingworth
August 2016

J Griffin, July 2016

“I am writing to you on behalf of the Magna Music Band thanking you for all you did in allowing us to perform our concert in Queen’s Park, Loughborough. …The park staff were very helpful, providing us with chairs to use, and allowing us to park nearby to unload/load a lot easier.”

J. Griffin
July 2016

Cllr H Fryer, July 2016

“Please pass on my thanks to everyone involved in ensuring that Loughborough and the Outwoods looked so fabulous for the [In Bloom] judges to see yesterday. I don’t think I have ever seen everywhere look so good. I know it has been extremely hard work, especially for those at Quadron idverde trying to cope through the rain, wind and not much sun. However, the sun gods shined on us yesterday and it was all worthwhile.

Again, many thanks to everyone.”

Cllr Hilary Fryer, Charnwood Borough Council
July 2016

M Smith, June 2016

“I thought I really should congratulate you all on the planting – beds, pots, etc. It is all fantastic and developing really well. The hanging baskets on Epinal Way and elsewhere are really blossoming out, the basket trees are stunning – as are all the other beds I have seen.

I was in Queen’s Park on Saturday and when I was not sheltering under our gazebo I had chance to enjoy the beautiful planting everywhere which, despite the rain, was certainly OK in the monsoon-like weather.”

M. Smith
June 2016

Cllr Hilary Fryer, June 2016

“Thank you and all your teams for the very successful unveiling of the commemorative bench this afternoon. I know it was a lot of hard work, but well worth it, and the park looks lovely.”

Cllr Hilary Fryer, Charnwood Borough Council
June 2016