Everyone knows there’s a climate emergency, but the loss of biodiversity is just as catastrophic. In the last 50 years, we’ve destroyed well over half the UK’s biodiversity; many birds, insects and wild flowers that once gave our green and pleasant land such richness have simply disappeared. Humans need a rich biodiversity to supply us with food, clean air and clean water, to help us adjust to climate change, and for health, culture and recreation.

As climate change worsens, businesses, governments, and communities are being encouraged to work together to improve urban greenspaces. Since 2016idverde and RSPB have worked in partnership to establish an inspiring collaboration to reduce the impact of corporate activity on the natural world.

The RSPB Partnership

In 2016, idverde and the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) began an exciting new business partnership. A dedicated member of the RSPB team is now based in Bromley, working with idverde to help deliver the Council’s Parks, Greenspace and Countryside Strategy. The work underlines the commitment to maintain, enhance and restore Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC) and other green spaces for wildlife.
Spotted Flyctacher credit Andy Hay – RSPB-Images_web

Spotted Flyctacher credit Andy Hay

idverde and the RSPB work closely to ensure the Borough remains vibrant and welcoming to people, as well as serving as an important and valuable natural habitat supporting a wide range of plants and animals. This includes (but is not limited to) ensuring that management sites demonstrate the most contemporary and innovative practices in habitat/species management, and training idverde colleagues and community groups in biodiversity related topics with a view to empowering them into taking positive actions for biodiversity. The partnership has also yielded less tangible benefits such as exposing the wider idverde team to RSPB experts in their field.
Another key element of the partnership is creating opportunities for everyone in the area to discover the wildlife and fantastic variety of species living in their neighbourhood.
John Pemberton, idverde’s Conservation and Education Development Manager, commented: “We are delighted to be working with the RSPB, an organisation whose values align with our own, and many of our Friends and other stakeholders. Collaborative approaches to conservation are essential if we are to safeguard our biodiversity for future generations. We hope that through our funding, the RSPB will be able to continue its valuable work alongside idverde in enabling and empowering the communities of Bromley to engage with the nature on their doorstep and make a positive impact.”
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RSPB partnership with idverde

The initial 18-month partnership played a key role in helping Bromley’s parks, and other community spaces such as allotments, become greener places that benefit both people and wildlife, and which will create a green legacy for future generations. The RSPB partnership allows idverde to incorporate expertise and best practice in the management of London Borough of Bromley sites, both urban and countryside.
Such was the success of the initial 18-month trial in Bromley that the partnership has since been extended and a second member of the RSPB has been seconded to idverde to support our contracts in the Midlands. Projects delivered in the Midlands so far include mini-beast safaris in Telford, and a scheme to trans-locate green hay containing species-rich wildflower seed from Lightmoor Nature Reserve in south Telford to a receiving site at the Granville.
Find out more about the RSPB here.