idverde UK has a management system that is accredited to the standards of ISO 9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001. This means that our systems for managing Quality Assurance, Environmental Management and Health and Safety meet the recognised level of these European standards. In reality though, this is just the start of delivering successful Health and Safety Management.

The Management Team

We know that in order for safety management to be effective, everyone must play their part.

  • The Chief Executive Officer, Doug Graham, leads from the top in terms of safety management and instils the standard that all senior and key operational managers and directors (including himself!) shall complete the NEBOSH General Certificate in Occupational Safety. We currently have 32 team members that hold this qualification.
  • Simon Foley, the Head of QHSE, who takes control of the management of the QHSE management systems on a daily basis is professionally qualified in Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management. Simon has successfully completed the NEBOSH National Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health, as well as in Practical Environmental Management.
  • All Senior Operational Management are required to consider and act on matters of safety in their everyday activities. All of our Senior Management team hold the NEBOSH National Diploma
  • All Managers and Supervisors, at contract level, are trained to IOSH Managing Safely Standards, with operational managers involved in construction activities also holding the CITB Health and Safety qualification for managers (Site Manager Safety Training Scheme or SMSTS).
  • Operational Managers are regionally supported by three QHSE managers who hold a variety of professional Health, Safety and Environmental qualifications and have significant experience in their relevant sectors.

Engaging the workforce in Health and Safety is paramount in actually delivering a safer and healthier workplace. Without workforce buy-in, all the Health and Safety documents and procedures in the world are not going to change what practically happens at ground level.

The Approach

idverde is committed to taking a positive and proactive approach to managing risk, as opposed to attempting to correct failures after the event.

Our approach is simple: 

We encourage everyone to take responsibility for their safety and for the safety of others by:

  • Developing knowledge, ownership and accountability, through clear, unambiguous instruction and information. All our staff are issued with a portable and easy to understand Health, Safety and Environment handbook and are provided with regular training and guidance.
  • Strengthening a ‘no blame’ culture, while striving to develop together. This includes encouraging staff to report ‘near misses’. This is followed by ensuring that all events that are reported can be used to learn from potential or real mistakes or weaknesses, without allocating blame.
  • Encouraging all colleagues to understand and apply the five ‘work safe’ standards to everything we do.


idverde Work Safe standards

idverde continually seeks to improve its performance with respect to Health and Safety and the management of risk, whether through:

  • Developing the competence of our team
  • Improving systems, procedures and practice
  • The introduction of practical innovation to protect our workforce and stakeholders.