idverde carries out a range of cyclical grounds maintenance services on behalf of Weaver Vale Housing Trust.

Further details of the works we provide and how often you can expect to see our teams are provided below.

Grass cutting

Grass will be cut at least once every two weeks during the summer to a maximum height of 30mm

Hedge cutting

Hedges will be cut on two occasions per year.

Shrubs, roses, flowers, bedding plants and bulbs

In established areas requiring a high standard of maintenance this will be carried out at the same frequency as grass cutting.

Pruning will take place twice a year, generally in late summer/early winter according to species requirement, and once in early summer.

Find out when our teams are next due in your area using the drop-down menus below.

Please note: The weather can have significant impact on the schedule. If it has been very wet it may be necessary to postpone scheduled activities such as grass cutting to avoid damage to the ground.