Each park has an active and vocal “Friends of” group, whose meetings Quadron idverde representatives attend. We also encourage group members to join Quadron and client staff on site in “walkabouts”. Such face to face contact enables issues to be discussed and mutually resolved and leads to a much closer understanding between the parties.

Steve Cornish (Friends of Russia Dock Woodland Chair) says “They are doing an excellent job in keeping our 30 acre woodland spic and span. The general public have built up a very good relationship with our two full time Quadron employees, who not only get on with their daily chores but respond to any problems which may arise from day to day. Russia Dock Woodland is only one mile from the City of London in a very built up and urban part of the capital, so we do have a fair share of anti social behaviour which we are gradually getting on top of. I generally meet with the two Quadron employees on a daily basis for any updates or any problems. Quadron’s managers meet with us on site or at our regular meetings at all times.”

Quadron idverde Newsletters (“Groundbreakers”) are also published quarterly and circulated to all “Friends of” group members, by email or hard copy if preferred. Feedback on these has been very positive. The group members like to be kept informed and involved in what is going on with their service.



idverde delivers Volunteer for Arcadis in Burgess Park

idverde & partners deliver successful volunteer session at Burgess Park – despite the rain!

Employer Excellence Award for idverde Southwark