M. Cooper, January 2017

“It’s taken me too long to get this email to you to thank Quadron [now trading as idverde] for the careful and clever way that they have re-shaped the “copse” area at Peckarmans Wood.

What a positive difference Quadron [idverde] has made to what was a neglected and ugly part of the estate.

I can only imagine that it can’t have been easy to have tackled those huge overgrown laurels and all of the horticultural “rubbish” that had been allowed to get out of hand in this area. It really looks so good now, and yet is still an exciting-looking area for the children to play in safely. …

The work that Quadron [idverde] is doing on our estate shows that by working on a shared plan and a long-term vision great things can be achieved.”

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