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Saul decided to try and Apprenticeship with idverde following a period of unemployment. He completed his Level 2 Horticulture Apprenticeship in December 2020 and now works as a Gardener in Hammersmith and Fulham’s popular Bishop’s Park.

Saul Heath based at Bishop’s Park, London

Saul Heath

“It’s hard work, but if you stick with it everything will work out”

Why did you decide to do this Apprenticeship? 

I thought it would be a good opportunity for me at the time because I was out of work.

What were your favourite parts of your Apprenticeship?

Going on trips and college days where we did on-site practical work.

Did you learn anything during your Apprenticeship that surprised you?

I have learnt lots of different things related to lots of different subjects. I didn’t have much knowledge on anything before, so everything was new to me.

How has doing the Apprenticeship benefitted you, and how has it affected your long-term career path?

It has benefitted me as it has given me a broad plant knowledge and skills that I have gained from doing extra courses such as PA1 and PA6 for spraying.

Why would you recommend people take up an Apprenticeship with idverde? 

I would recommend it as it is a good way of gaining knowledge and experience all in one, as well as a place to make new friends and opportunities.

What advice would you give to anyone considering doing an Apprenticeship?

It’s hard work but if you stick with it everything will work out, especially with the help of my tutor who has done a lot for me as I found it quite difficult at the start.

Where would you like to be in five years?

In five years I would like to see myself as a team leader or in a supervisor role, as I think we should all aim and achieve and keep growing.

What does Saul’s Manager say?

Saul has only been on the Hammersmith and Fulham contract for a few months and has grown in confidence and has become a valued member of the team. He is highly thought of by his Head Gardener and shows a large amount of promise for the future.

Thanks for sharing your experiences with us, Saul.

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