Our employee ethos is based on well managed, well trained and motivated people.  We are constantly looking for people who can deliver and really care about what they do.

Within our grounds maintenance division, one of the key attractions of our services to clients is locally employed people delivering local services.  Elsewhere, we are well known for our commitment to developing our people and building high quality teams.  If you are interested in joining us and being part of a business that really cares about its people, then please read on.

Putting our people at the heart of what we do

We have overhauled our people practices over the last 18 months, reinventing our internal culture and approach to key areas such as recruitment, retention and employee development.

Our HR strategy is enabling us to bring to life the core values of the business. The retention of good calibre people is a major influence upon the HR agenda. We want to provide employees with a career and not just a job. Time and resource has been spent refining our recruitment practices and making them fit for purpose and appropriate to the community in which our services are delivered and the role that we are looking to fill.

The importance of our HR team

We have an established history within the Grounds Maintenance and Landscape Construction industry, but our support services did not develop at the same rate as the organic growth of the business.  This changed in early 2010 with the recruitment of a new team of HR professionals.  This investment in a dedicated HR team signified the shift towards a people-centric way of doing business.

The HR team has extensive HR experience in a number of sectors and sizes of organisations, including the grounds maintenance industry.  The people plan allows us to put the overriding HR strategy in place and demonstrate to employees that the business is committed to their well-being and development.  It also allows for an agreed and systematic approach to the development of people initiatives within the business which is not divorced from what is happening operationally.

What does this mean for you?

Put simply, it means that ours is a business that puts its people first: we spend time and effort to recruit the right people and even more time and effort in retaining those people.

We also place a great emphasis on equality of opportunity; our Equality and Diversity policy dictates our approach to recruitment, selection and all other employment matters. We recognise and embrace individual differences and value the diversity that this brings to our workforce.


With over 30 years experience of working for Central and Local Government, it was always going to be a hard call to change direction and commence working for the private sector. But – in reality that’s exactly what I did, when my former employers, the London Borough of Bromley, commissioned their parks and greenspace service to idverde. It would be all too easy to dismiss statements such as, we are all one big family, or there’s life after the Council - as mere platitudes of enticement. Happily however, that’s exactly how life turned out – idverde truly is one extra-large-hearted family with profound core values and an embracing policy of inclusiveness. From the very get-go I was made to feel a highly valued member of the team, thrust into wholly new experiences and challenging situations but importantly given all the support I needed. Just like the Parable of the Sower, in biblical terms – the seed was placed in fertile soil and watered and tended well - and grew a hundred times!’

Patrick PhillipsDirector of Parks Management Strategy