Top five things to consider before hiring a tree maintenance company

With National Tree Week underway, we decided to put together a handy guide of the top five things to consider before hiring a tree maintenance provider. Although some claim that pruning trees or removing a tree stump is an easy task, in reality it is a highly skilled job which can be dangerous and cause extensive damage if not done correctly.
Working at height with chainsaw - tree surgery

idverde tree maintenance

The five top things to ask about when looking for a good tree maintenance company:

1. Insurance
This is one of the most important things you will need to know. This ensures that they are fully insured and that you will not be liable for any damage, accidents or injuries. Hiring a company without proper insurance is a risk you don’t want to take.
2. Creditability
Have a look at the company’s online presence, do they have one? Do they share pictures of the tree work that they do? It’s best to select a business that is professional and knows what they’re doing, checking out their online presence can give an insight as to how credible a company are.
3. Quotation
Always get a quote or estimate that is specific to your job before the work starts. Be specific about what services you need and ask the company to visit the job to get an estimate, in writing, before any work begins.
4. Services & Equipment
If you are looking for a specific service, such as tree felling or stump removal, remember to speak to the company in mind to make sure that they can provide that specific service and have the correct experience and equipment to carry it out correctly and safely.
5. Knowledge
As with any work that can be difficult and dangerous, it’s always better to use a company that are experienced, have a fully-uniformed team with the correct safety equipment, who know the ins and outs of their job.
Tree felling with chainsaw - arboriculture tree surgeon

idverde’s skilled aboricultural team felling a tree

Our arboricultural team members have the correct skills, knowledge and experience for their role, they also have many years experience in the tree & woodlands industry and pride themselves on their customer service and knowledge.
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