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24/7 Forecasting

Our team

In order to ensure we are working with accurate information, we use location specific data gathered from one of the UK’s leading private meteorological service providers, Meteo Group.

Their expert meteorologists are relied upon for data for a huge range of industry sectors including agriculture, insurance, broadcast and print media, wind energy and sports.

In our operations centre, all our staff are trained and are highly skilled at correctly interpreting and cross-checking complex data from both sources to arrive at a decision as to whether there is a risk of ice. If there is any doubt, we will inspect first and act accordingly, using professional judgement.

Location specific forecasts

Our team of expert analysts can quickly interpret data provided from Meteo Group. This forms part of the reporting feedback supplied to clients. All forecasts are location specific and show hourly changes in forecast enabling us to refine when to treat and how much to apply.

Snow Clearing


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