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Ice Watch’s new salt contract increases efficiency and improves customer service

Ice Watch’s new salt contract increases efficiency and improves customer service image

Winter risk management specialist Ice Watch is improving its customer service capability by 30 per cent and significantly reducing costs – thanks to a new arrangement which sees it sourcing its salt from one of the world’s leading health and safety equipment suppliers.

Ice Watch has recently agreed a deal with Setons, which means operations managers can spend more time overseeing contractors and ensuring their customers are satisfied, rather than managing salt deliveries.

Ice Watch operations director Pete Halls explained: “The switch allows us to be much more efficient because we don’t handle the salt at all now. It goes straight from the supplier to the contractor.”

In fact, the move means operations managers now have around 30% more time every day to spend on supervising contracts.

It also saves Ice Watch colleagues around 5,600 driving miles a year, helping the environment – with the resultant fuel and wear and tear savings ploughed back into the business.

And, as the salt now goes direct from A to B, it reaches the contractor more speedily and efficiently - within five days of placing an order.

The salt is delivered by Seton to all 105 of Ice Watch’s specialist contractors which cover the whole of mainland Britain, from Aberdeen down to the Isle of Wight and from Aberystwyth across to Lowestoft.

For more on how Ice Watch can help your company email operations@icewatch.co.uk or phone 01728 633900.