idverde carries out the full range of grounds maintenance activities throughout Curo Housing Group areas including grass cutting, shrub and hedge maintenance, hard area maintenance and many other maintenance tasks.

Click on the link below to download the Annual Work programme Spreadsheet:

Microsoft_Excel_2013_logo.svg   Curo Housing Group – Annual Work Programme

Please note that all the dates given are estimates, as fluctuating weather conditions can change the way we need to approach the grass cutting cycle.  On average, we will complete each cycle within 15 working days between March and October.

idverde is contracted to cut grass within Curo Housing Group on a performance basis, meaning that there is no set number of cuts each year but that the grass should always be well-presented throughout the mowing season.

Curo Housing Group shrub beds are also maintained on a performance specification throughout the year. Between April and September we will carry out summer works such as weeding and nuisance pruning as required for health and safety reasons (such as overhanging vegetation to footpaths and sight lines). From October to March we carry out the more extensive winter pruning works.

Hedges are cut twice throughout the year, with the heavier pruning works carried out in the winter months between October and March, and the health and safety pruning of overhanging vegetation between March and October. Frequencies are dependent on the location of the hedge.

Click on the link below to download the bulk waste collection schedule within the area:

Microsoft_Excel_2013_logo.svg   Bulk Waste Collection Schedule

Click on the link below to download the weekly movements schedule:

Microsoft_Excel_2013_logo.svg   Weekly movement