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Havebury Housing Partnership is a not-for-profit affordable housing and social housing association, which currently manages over 6,500 properties across Suffolk and the East of England.

Havebury is dedicated to the provision of good quality affordable homes for its residents, with an emphasis on efficiency, quality and value for money.

Maintenance Rounds

idverde provides a range of grounds maintenance services to Havebury’s properties. The contract includes grass cutting, hedge cutting, shrub bed maintenance and weed control throughout the year.

**Season Update- Please note as we are likely to see some areas with high grass levels, the first cut may be a partial cut so that the grass is reduced incrementally to allow for easier management**

We are currently working to a 15-working-day (typically three weeks) maintenance cycle to return outstanding areas to the appropriate standard, but please be aware that some areas are taking longer than usual due to the additional time required to maintain them because of the excessive growth caused by weather. The maintenance we are able to carry out is also weather-dependent. We are grateful for residents’ patience as we continue to work to address this.

Grass cutting

Grass cutting will typically take place on a cycle of every 15 working days / every three weeks (Mondays-Fridays). We collect any litter before cutting the grass and clippings are left evenly distributed. Any arisings that fall on hard surfaces will be blown or swept back onto the lawn.

Shrubs and hedges

High profile shrub beds will be weeded 12 times per year. Hedges and shrubs will typically be pruned twice a year – once in summer and once in winter.

Amenity shrub beds and hedge bases will be sprayed three times per year to control weeds and pests.

Weed control and hard surfaces

Hard surfaces will be treated three times a year to control weeds, and once for moss.

We’ll collect leaves eight times a year, and litter a further eight times a year.


We’ll be visiting a small number of ponds throughout the year to clear outlets and debris. We will strim wildlife areas four times a year, and woodland edges once a year.

The latest maintenance rounds information (last visit and next visit) for your area can be viewed using the drop-down menus below.

Please note the ‘Next Cut’ dates given below are based on a ‘week commencing’ schedule.

 Contact us via phone, the email address below, or by completing our contact form.

Local office: 01284 850057

Customer Care Line: 0800 917 6263

Email: Havebury.Housing@idverde.co.uk